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Welcome to ALEDA

We would like to contribute on improving safety and reliability for the cold chain logistic by means of an high quality standard production of Isothermal Containers.

Engine to enhance our growth will be a close partnership with our Customers.

Not only a provider of high quality containers, also a partner ready to fulfill any questions about cold chain management.

When we PROJECT a new product, we carefully analyze all the aspects that could affect the use of our containers by our customers during daily  use and we search for  the best solutions to make our product reliable, sturdy, safe and easy to handle and clean.

The PRODUCTION is performed by ALEDA in three steps.  With the first step we produce the hollow shells (body and door) with rotational moulding (ROTOMOULDING) one single piece in PE (Polyethylene). In  the second step the shells are foamed with  PUR (polyurethane) to guarantee the correct thermal insulation,  the containers are then assembled and completed (third step).

Finally we carefully make the test control.

Our MARKETING&SALES department works jointly with our technicians to fulfill the market needs and to find the right solution for each of our Customers.



ALEDA ITALIA S.r.l. Unipersonale - Località Tetti Paglieri, 16 – 12040 Cervere (CN) - Italy
 - P.IVA/VAT IT06514720488 - Rea CN301925